Bailey Gaddis

I fancy myself a holistically hippie Taurean with an unfortunate proclivity for reality television, sugar, and tie-dye.


I'm a writer, mother, Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Birth Doula, and Amateur Smoothie Chef. I enjoy digging in the dirt with my son and attempting to capture his 2-year-old wisdom in written word. Bailey blogs at Feng Shui Mommy, Facebooks over on the book, and has a slight obsession with taking photos for Instagram .


Ojai, CA



Fun Facts

  • The last lie I told my kids:

    Every time you yell 'No!' a fairy loses her wings.

  • Proudest parenting moment:

    Teaching my child to sing the chorus of "Land Down Under" in an Aussie accent. My husband's from Australia.

  • The one piece of advice I’d give to a new parent:

    Guilt is a worthless emotion, you're much more amazing and capable than you give yourself credit for, and spit-up-hued beige is the new black.

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