Brittany Gibbons


(Written by Shauna) You know that girl at the party making uncomfortable jokes with obscure 90's pop culture references that everyone is laughing at so they don't look like the only one who's never seen every episode of My So Called Life? Brittany is that girl. She's unassumingly witty, a brilliant story teller, and the one you call when you need hangover help, head lice advice, or just someone to sit up all night talking about how your first kiss was with your cousin. Plus, she'll destroy your hard drive and empty your vibrator drawer should you ever find yourself dead in a ditch somewhere. She's selfless like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela or that movie with Helen Hunt and the kid who saw dead people. Brittany resides in rural Ohio with her husband and three small, suspiciously close together in age, children. This is where you tell her she doesn't look old enough to have three kids. Brittany's site is brittanyherself.com.


Swanton, OH

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