Casi Densmore-Koon

I'm doing it for the thrill of it killin' it. oh and my name, it's k to the c.


As if being the ringleader of five children isn’t enough to leave Washington, DC-based stylist Casi Densmore-Koon entirely tapped, she’s also the endlessly effervescent founder of fashion-centric website cupcakeMAG, contributor to and a blogger at parent-approved online mag Disney’s and Disney Baby. Casi has the expertise of a mom and the taste of an editor. Casi is a social influencer with a large celebrity fan base. Casi, a lifestyle expert who has been blogging for six years was interviewed and named Momprenuer of the Month by Tori Spelling. Casi’s work has been published on Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, Disney Baby,, Today’s Parent magazine and she was spotted on Good Morning America.






Fun Facts

  • Most embarrassing parenting moment:

    During a conference call with Steven Tyler my 2-year-old decided it would be the perfect time to open hot chocolate packets and spill them all over the floor. And I let her to keep the silence.

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    My iPhone, Wrenn Jewelry and my nanny.

  • My guilty pleasure:

    Keeping up with the Kardashians all day long.

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