Courtney Faith Vera

I’m not just any mom, I’m the FaVe Mom. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.


I’m Catholic, which by the way, is Christian. A military wife, mom to two, non-profit co-founder, blogger and full-time employee. I love my family, giraffes, daisies, Chicago Bears, Cal Bears, wolves, Diet Mountain Dew, and guns.




Lake Elsinore, CA



Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    My blue eyes or my hair. At least according to my family and friends.

  • Something I hide from my kids:

    I don’t have to hide things from my kids. They mastered the art of hard work and/or begging at an early age.

  • Proudest parenting moment:

    When my son asked me to buy a homeless man dinner or when my daughter mastered the art of sarcasm. My heart swelled with pride.

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