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Cole Gamble is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. He's working on an evil self-help guide titled Improve Your Life or Die.

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11-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth on Her Wedding Day
Upon holding up her newborn child for cameras, 11-year-old Kordeza Zhelyazkova said, "I'm not going to play with toys any more - I have a new toy now." Yikes. Kordeza went into labor during the wedding ceremony to her teenage boyfriend Jeliazko Dimitrov. Still was still wearing the white dress and tiara when she gave birth to her daughter, Violeta. Dimitrov, who is facing up to six year in prison for having sex with a minor, met Kordeza on the playground of her Roma gypsy school in Sliven, Bulgaria. Within a week Kordeza was pregnant.
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7 Most Bizarre Halloween Handouts
Any Trick -or- Treater knows the drill. You walk up to the discouragingly dark house and knock on the door. After a painfully long pause the door opens revealing either an old woman who didn't realize it's Halloween or the middle aged couple who turned out every light in the hopes no one would knock. But now you've got them cornered, you little ghoul, with your goodie bag outstretched. You've forced confused grandma or the antisocial neighbors to improvise. And this is what happens: