Heather L. Barmore


Heather Barmore is a blogger and avid watcher of C-SPAN. Her personal blog, No Pasa Nada chronicles her life as a recent college graduate and first impression of adulthood. Seven years later, she is yet to be convinced that she is a real adult. She's working on it. She also writes about public policy, current events and the intersection of women and politics at Poliogue: The Art of Political Dialogue. She has been a speaker at BlogHer, Blogalicious, the AMP Summit and Mom 2.0 covering everything from being a digital diarist, the relationship between PR companies and bloggers of color and, of course, political engagement. She is currently a lobbyist living in her hometown of Albany, NY just five miles from her parents. It's awesome, except when it's not.


Albany, NY

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