Brooke McLay and Eldon Kartchner


Eldon Kartchner and Brooke McLay are real-world besties with a mad penchant for design and fabtab food. A divorced mom to four brilliant children, Brooke works as a food writer, recipe developer, and food photographer during the day, and a nearly-zen bedtime storyteller by night. Eldon, a gay, widowed father of three gorgeous tots, masquerades as a professional marriage and family therapist by day but is really an interior design genius who paints his kids' toes with wreckless abandon. Together, they share creative home and parenting ideas because home really is where their hearts are — even when those homes are a reflection of the untraditional, unexpected paths life can toss in your way. Follow Eldon and Brooke at HisXHers, or get more Eldon at Daddy Evolving, find Brooke at Cheeky Kitchen.

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