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Kristen Howerton is a professor of pyschology and mom of four children within four years via birth and adoption. She's been blogging at Rage Against the Minivan as a coping skill since 2006. Kristen is the editor-in-chief of ShePosts, an online news magazine for women in social media, and a columnist at OC Family magazine. In the spring of 2010, Kristen lost her long and passionate battle against the minivan. It now sits in her driveway covered in crushed cheerios and remnants of her self-esteem.


Costa Mesa, CA

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To My Kids, on Mother’s Day
To My Kids, on Mother’s Day
As Mother's Day approaches, I've been thinking about you. I know it's supposed to happen the other way around—you guys thinking about me—but that's just how moms are. As your mom, there are some things that I'd like you to know, and Mother's Day seems a good time to do it. Your dad and I are trying to teach you things that will help you grow and make you into tolerable teenagers and, hopefully, well-rounded adults one day. So I want you to understand these things...
15 Stupid Threats That Parents Should Never Use
15 Stupid Threats That Parents Should Never Use
"If you don't stop crying, I'll give you something to cry about." My powerful threat accomplished nothing. If anything, the tears actually increased because how scary did Mommy just sound? What is that threat supposed to mean anyway? You're crying now but you're about to cry a lot more because I am within two seconds of resorting to catastrophic violence? Of course not. It's just an empty threat. A play on words. A stupid ultimatum that does no good. So why did I say it? Why did it just roll off the tongue like that? I guess it's because I'd heard it said before.
The Best Movies Available on Disney Movies Anywhere
The Best Movies Available on Disney Movies Anywhere
Last week, Disney launched a new free app and service that makes collecting and watching its movies much easier. The app is called Disney Movies Anywhere, and it allows you to buy a Disney, Pixar, or Marvel movie once—just once—and then watch it anywhere. On your computer. On your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. On your web-connected TV. Just to give you an idea of the movies supported by the service, I've compiled some favorites from Disney's list of at least 420 films.
My Family’s 10 Favorite Covers of “Let It Go” from  Frozen
My Family’s 10 Favorite Covers of “Let It Go” from Frozen
My family is officially obsessed with the movie "Frozen," even though we're now several weeks into the phenomenon. I can't drive the minivan anywhere without requests to listen to the soundtrack, especially Idina Menzel's version of the big power ballad "Let It Go" (which is not to be confused with Demi Lovato's official pop version). We saw it when it first opened in November. In January, we saw it again at the opening of the Frozen Sing-a-long. Where we sang along. All of us. We're not the only people who can't get that song out of our heads. YouTube is awash in covers of "Let It Go," and we've enjoyed watching some of them. Here are a few of our favorites.
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