Julie Lay

Taking parenthood one swig at a time.


Julie makes up nonsense at ilikebeerandbabies.com. Topics include the time her daughter found her lube, how to cure a raging case of postpartum hemorrhoids and the best position to fart in. She enjoys a dry sense of humor and a buttery chardonnay, preferably mixed together. Her parents think she’s weird. They are right.


Say it loud, I'm from the Lou and I'm proud!


2 children and an obese cat

Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    My eye patch and wooden leg. Arrgh, I just be kiddin' ya.

  • Myself, in three words or less:

    Loud, annoying, empathetic

  • Most embarrassing parenting moment:

    At a child's birthday party, the host asked me what I wanted to drink. My daughter answered, "Mommy wants wine."

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