Jenny Nevins

I believe in big bang for buck ideas, that we all need to leave the world better than we found it, that things can be both chic and easy, and that there should be more than 24 hours in a day.


Jenny is a full-time mom of 3 and a full-time entrepreneur who loves cookie dough, book club, game night, and her family (although not necessarily in that order). She is a co-founder of Savor, where she and her mom boss partner are reinventing keepsake storage to make it fun, stylish, and easy. Savor’s line, The Library, gives family memories the bespoke home they deserve and recently won “Best in Show” and “Blogger Favorite” at the New York Baby Show, along with lauds from Real Simple, Stroller Traffic, Café Stir and others.


New York, NY



Fun Facts

  • Myself, in three words or less:

    Straight shooter, crambitious, passionate.

  • Something I hide from my kids:

    How much dessert I take compared to what I allow them. But, hey, I’ve earned it.

  • Biggest parenting fail:

    Unknowingly creating two vegetarians by showing them a “cute” video of a boy questioning why we eat animals.

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