Jennie Korneychuk

I consider the world a classroom and expect to learn and teach something new every day. And to have dessert. Every day.


I’m a wife, mom, step-mom, TV Producer and PR Professional … not always in that order. I love watching TV and movies, politics, and hanging out with my husband. I super love Aaron Sorkin and try to work walking and talking while speaking quickly. It doesn’t always go well. I fail a lot and succeed sometimes too.


Santa Monica, CA


One daughter and two step-daughters

Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    It may not be the first thing but it won’t take long to realize, I’m hilarious.

  • Myself, in three words or less:

    Life-long learner.

  • My parenting motto:

    “Everyone’s doing the best they can.” (My dad taught me that).

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