Joni Weiss & Kitt Fife

Practically Perfect is a Los Angeles based organizing and lifestyle company devoted to constructing creative and functional solutions that simplify daily activities and exemplify practicality.


Joni and Kitt, close friends with undeniable professional synergy, co-founded Practically Perfect in 2014 with a mission to help clients achieve tranquility in their lives through organizational systems that are realistic and maintainable. Prior to the inception of Practically Perfect, Joni was an award-winning early childhood educator. She has always believed that there is a deep connection between an organized environment and productive, successful engagement. Joni remains passionate about helping families create spaces that foster age-appropriate independence, connection and harmony. As a highly-regarded event planner in Washington, D.C., Kitt's knack for organizing professionally was abundantly clear. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she recognized a personal need for organization in her life to counterbalance the burgeoning clutter that accompanies a growing family.


Los Angeles, CA


3 kids each

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