Jill Robbins

I wonder what it would be like to parent young kids at midlife … said no 20-year-old ever.


Jill is a blogger, freelance writer, speaker, caffeine addict and wannabe wine snob. She thinks Costco is the happiest place on earth and that dry shampoo is the best thing ever invented. In addition to writing for Babble you can find her regularly on SheKnows, Ravishly and her blog, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals, where she writes about adoption and life as the oldest mom with the youngest kid pretty much everywhere she goes. You can follow Jill on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


San Antonio, Texas



Fun Facts

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    Coffee, social media and loud toenail polish. I need coffee to kick start me into polite human mode and I feel naked if my toes aren't some crazy shade ... like lime green.

  • The first thing I do when I wake up:

    I think to myself "OMG why is that kid in my bed again?"

  • My parenting motto:

    Will it matter in five years?

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