Leah Baacke

I’m basically a grown-up Angela Chase with a Southern accent.


Leah Baacke saw The Princess Bride as a child and subsequently set her sights on a life of true love and high adventure. She has worked in the music business and public school system, spent time on four continents, and had her writing published by Scary Mommy, CALIWATER, The Penny Hoarder, and Her View from Home. Leah married her true love in 2011 and embarked on the adventure/sleep-deprivation experiment known as parenthood in 2013. Visit her blog, Golden Folder Days, for more musings and hijinks!





Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    My smile.

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    Chocolate, my library card, laughter.

  • The one piece of advice I’d give to a new parent:

    Don’t Google things.

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