Leticia Barr


Leticia Barr is the founder of Tech Savvy Mama, a site where she's incorporated her experience as a parent and background as an educator to provide useful advice for families about technology since 2008. She dispenses advice via Twitter via @TechSavvyMama, shares her expertise as a contributor to Babble Tech, regularly contributes to other parenting sites, and is a sought-after panelist for technology, education, and social media conferences. Leticia enjoys the distinction of being among Babble's Top 100 Mom Blogs and 50 Top Twitter Moms in 2011. She lives in the DC Metro area with her two children, husband, and their overly enthusiastic yellow labrador. Despite blogging for Babble's Tech channel, she prefers to unplug in favor of family time and digital wellness.


Silver Springs, MD

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