Leah Outten

The one that's always pregnant. Yes, fellow shoppers, they are all mine.


Leah Outten became a mom at 19 years old and standing short at 4 foot 11. She is now a mother of almost-five and a birth mother in an open adoption. Not letting age or size stop her, she's conquering her dreams while being surrounded by yogurt-smeared walls and mountains of laundry. Her passion in writing blooms from her experiences in life-- specializing in adoption, natural birth, and encouragment in the trenches of motherhood. She has been published on several nationally known websites such as Your Care Everywhere, Adoption.Net, and America Adopts.


Charlotte, NC



Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    I'm short, still look like a teenager, and have a lot of kids. It boggles people's minds and their filter disappears!

  • Most embarrassing parenting moment:

    The time my son told my mommy friend that she was a bad friend after canceling our playdates too many times. (We haven't seen her since...)

  • My parenting motto:

    Every horrible mess my kids make can be turned into a good story to laugh at later.

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