Leah Singer

I’m a writer, mom (daughter + pets), bookworm, foodie, obsessive photo taker, and an introvert. I also stay up way too late.


Leah Singer is a freelance writer and marketing teacher. She writes for The Huffington Post, Club Mid at Scary Mommy, Red Tricycle (San Diego editor), Millionaire Girls’ Movement, and other publications. Leah blogs at Leah’s Thoughts, where she writes about the everyday nuances of life.


San Diego, California



Fun Facts

  • What did you swear never to do before you had kids?

    Before I had kids, I swore I’d never drive those obnoxious monster carts through the grocery store. I do now.

  • What's your parenting motto?

    Am I helping my daughter be a good person in life and to be kind to others?

  • What's your most impressive parenting skill?

    I can take an afternoon nap on the sofa while my daughter crafts next to me.

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