Lindsay Wolf

actress/writer/mommy is the new triple threat.


Lindsay Wolf is an actress and freelance writer with a passion for the stories that connect us all together. Becoming a stepmom and mom in 2015 burst Lindsay’s heart wide open, and it’s been that way ever since. Her passions include vegan cooking, learning new songs on her ukulele, body-positivity, and unbearably strong coffee. She thanks you in advance for putting up with wayyy too many cute pictures of her kids and husband.




NJ ---> NYC ---> LA


1 awesome daughter, 1 awesome stepdaughter

Fun Facts

  • My parenting motto:

    Coffee first, then I help you.

  • My most impressive parenting skill:

    Being able to say to myself “it builds character!” after I catch my kid licking the floor.

  • The one piece of advice I’d give to a new parent:

    It really and true does go by so friggin fast. Hold on to each moment. Enjoy them. Everything will be okay. Seriously. Everything will be okay.

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