Mike Castellano


I am a father of two beautiful children who have an insatiable demand for stories and husband to a lovely recovering lawyer who is now a lecturer on Positive Psychology. In my weekday job, I am a government relations executive for a major media and entertainment company.


Originally from Baltimore, MD, now live in Arlington, VA



Fun Facts

  • ] The one piece of advice I’d give to a new parent:

    It is the hardest thing you’ll ever do but try to remember it is the sweetest time of your life.

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    I apparently have a familiar face, as people often think they know me. For a while I tried to Jedi Mind trick the world, claiming it was because I looked like Ben Affleck.

  • Something I hide from my kids:

    I find their potty humor funny (I don’t hide it very well)

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