Meredith Ethington

Mom. Writer. Diet Coke connoisseur. Born and raised Texan. Lover of real talk and laughter with a hint of sarcasm mixed in.


Meredith Ethington is a mom of three, and writer at Perfection Pending. She writes mostly to commiserate with other moms, and to remind herself that she doesn’t want to be a perfect mother. She wants to be a real one. She writes regularly for Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, and has been featured many times by as one of the funniest parents to follow on Facebook. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter where she loves to laugh at herself by making memes, and admit that while parenting is the best thing ever, it's also the hardest job on earth.


Salt Lake City, UT



Fun Facts

  • One Thing I Wish I knew Before Having Kids:

    That it was possible to ruin someone’s day by giving them the wrong color cup.

  • Proudest Parenting Moment:

    Teaching my kids to flush a public toilet with their foot.

  • My guilty pleasure:

    Eating a lunch alone every day.

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