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Morgan Shanahan is a professional blogger and screenwriter living in Los Angeles with her toddler daughter, dashing husband, and farting trio of dogs.


Sherman Oaks, CA

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Barbie Was Based on a “Love” Doll; Now Let’s Talk About Her Implications
Barbie Was Based on a "Love" Doll; Now Let's Talk About Her Implications
The inspiration for Barbie, Bild Lilli, was a German doll based on a popular comic strip about a depression-era woman about town in search of the wealthiest suitor. Or y'know...a gold digger. With advertising tag lines like "Whether more or less naked, Lilli is always discreet" and a line of negliges and other goodies to go with her, Lilli was marketed towards adult men. Long before she graced children's birthday celebrations, the doll was a common bachelor party gift.
Should We Be More Open About Beauty Treatments Like Botox?
Should We Be More Open About Beauty Treatments Like Botox?
What's the point of taking great lengths to improve and enhance our appearance if we're just going to advertise the fact that we've had them in the first place? Well -- let's consider for a moment, the lunch date when I found out that three of my closest girlfriends had all been getting Botox for years and not one had even so much as mentioned it once. I didn't feel betrayed or lied to when I found out, and I didn't think they looked any less amazing. But I did feel less insane 0ver the fact that I had become convinced I was aging much faster than many of my contemporaries. I wasn't! It was just that everyone else's Botox was making me look old!
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