Monica Stevens Le

A (thinks she’s a comedian) food writer who pours her heart and soul to recipes that don’t just look good but make you feel good, too!


I’m Monica, a well-seasoned food lover by nurture. And a funny rambler by nature. Or is it the opposite? I’m here to share my culinary adventures with you, in addition to trying to make you laugh. Aside from spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends and being outdoors. My primary goal has always been to inspire others, leading them on a path to changing their lifestyle and improving their day-by-day quality of life.


Born and raised in Chicago but currently residing in Temecula, California!


None yet, but soon we will be trying for four!

Fun Facts

  • Myself, in three words or less:

    Forward, hilarious, creative.

  • The amount of coffee I drink in a day:

    I drink decaf because I’m addicted to the routine, not the caffeine!

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    Talking to text, workout clothes & green juice.

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