Melanie Sweeney

Cool mom trapped in a tired mom body.


Melanie Sweeney is a writer and stay-at-home mom to a 4-year-old son and twin toddler daughters. Her nonfiction chapbook on pregnancy, motherhood, and the body, Birds as Leaves (2015), is available from The Lettered Streets Press. Her other work has appeared in Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories and Advice From Parents of Twins, Triplets and More as well as Mom Egg Review and others. Melanie blogs about parenting and more at melaniesweeney.com.


Near Houston, Texas



Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    That I have twins. Typical scene: me wearing both twins, curious shoppers descending upon us, and my son shouting, "I don't want to talk to strangers!"

  • My parenting motto:

    "All things all at once." It reminds me to embrace the chaos.

  • Proudest parenting moment:

    The first time I tandem nursed my twins.

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