Michelle Tan

Absurdist Comic Writer, Life Nonsense Expert, Twisted Humour, Occasionally Serious, Sometimes Mummy.


Michelle Tan, is the alter ego to Agent Spitback of “The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback" , a fictionalized blog about a newbie mommy trying to survive the world's most dangerous place in the world -- the school playground. Some call her genius, some call her dribble and some, like her three children, just call her "Mommy". She started her blog because well, that was the only way she could blackmail the other mothers into inviting her to the Sacred Mommy Morning Coffee Ritual. And where else can she write her life nonsense without being arrested? In another parallel reality, she is an award winning multi-genre published writer and journalist who has won national awards for her TV scripts, short stories and novels. She has been published in many Parenting and Family magazines and most recently, for Huffington Post too.



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