Nancy DeVault

A pun-addicted writer with a passion for fitness, food, the outdoors, travel and baby snuggles.


Nancy DeVault is a freelance writer, editor and PR pro who, admittedly, binge-watches morning news programs. Her work is featured in local and national magazine/blog outlets. She says the giggles of her 1-year-old son are intoxicating!


Orlando, Florida



Fun Facts

  • Before I had kids, I swore I’d never ...

    Rely on a pacifier or iPhone to keep my kid from screaming in public. One of these days I’ll stop using them – but not today!

  • If I could swap places with someone for a day, it would be ...

    My kid because I’d want to see if my husband and I are doing ok at this crazy parenting thing.

  • My parenting motto:

    Parenting is like running – stay the course and celebrate the miles of milestones.

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