Peyton Price

Readers always ask how I know everything about their lives. I admit nothing, but you might wanna close those blinds.


Peyton Price is the creator of Suburban Haiku . She lives in suburbia (of course) with her long-commuting husband (of course) and two above-average children (of course). You can find her take on the good life around the web and at SuburbanHaiku.com .


Suburbia, USA



Fun Facts

  • My most impressive parenting skill:

    I’ve never lost an argument with a toddler or a teen. Hey! Law school wasn’t a waste after all!

  • The one piece of advice I’d give to a new parent:

    Please don’t take parenting advice from people on the Internet. Present company excluded, of course. I totally know what I’m talking about.

  • My guilty pleasure:

    Um, I’m a mom. All my pleasures are guilty.

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