Rachel Toalson

The best way to live life with six boys is with a bulk supply of peppermint green tea, a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate toffee and a pervasive sense of humor.


Author. Poet. Humorist. Avid reader. Wife of one. Mama of six wild boys born in the span of 8 years. Yes, you read that right. Six boys. Eight years. Yes, I know how this happens. No, we weren’t going for a basketball team. Yes, we’re done (as if that’s any of your business). I shape a handful of random thoughts into humor essays and crank out a few kid-lit fiction chapters every week in the midst of the chaotic whirlwind that is my life. It baffles me, too.


San Antonio, TX


6. All boys.

Fun Facts

  • The first thing people notice about me:

    That six boys are following me around. Them: These all yours? Me: No. I found a few strays on the way in. Decided to keep them.

  • The last lie I told my kids:

    No, that’s not French fries you smell coming from this bag in my hand. Must be your imagination.

  • My guilty pleasure:

    Playing dodgeball against my kids.

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