Sarah Curtis Graziano

Mother, writer, displaced Southerner, slack picker-upper


Sarah Curtis Graziano is an MFA candidate at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her writing has appeared in in River Teeth,The Huffington Post, Literary Mama, the Brevity blog, The Bay State Banner, Mamalode, and elsewhere. A native Southerner, she lives in Michigan with her husband and three daughters.

Fun Facts

  • My parenting motto:

    “Stay in your own lane.” Meaning, do what feels right to you, and don’t stress so much about how people around you are parenting their kids.

  • Proudest Recent Parenting Moment:

    When my five-year-old told her classmate he was being sexist. I start ‘em young.

  • The last lie I told my kids:

    That Donald Trump couldn’t win the election. And after he did, that things would be okay. Bonus lie!

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