Shauna Glenn


(Written by Brittany) So, there's a rumor going around that Southern women are all well-mannered and slightly submissive. Though ridiculously good looking, Shauna Glenn is neither of those things, in fact she's borderline offensive, the accent just makes it more endearing. Shauna calls herself a foodie, which is just a trendy way of saying she likes to eat a lot. And when she's not jogging off Mexican food, she's writing another book, drinking heavily or putting together thousand piece jigsaw puzzles. Some might consider having a house full of stray cats and belching the alphabet to be unattractive qualities in a person, but she makes it look adorable. Shauna is a stellar mother of four children, even though they often forget to give her presents on her birthday and Mother's Day. They did give her lice once, though. It's mostly gone now. Shauna's site is shaunaglenn.com.


Fort Worth, TX

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