Sarah Netter

A journalist in search of inspiring people, great stories and the ultimate screaming goat video.


Sarah Netter is a single mom to a seriously handsome little boy and a neurotic Italian greyhound. She is a Peabody award winning and Emmy nominated journalist who has worked with "World News with Diane Sawyer," ABCNews.com and Yahoo! In her spare time, Sarah enjoys “Friends” reruns and hunting down household items that her toddler has hidden.




New Orleans, LA



Fun Facts

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    Besides my son, right? Gotta keep him. Otherwise, mint chocolate chip ice cream, some good brie and at least one Italian Greyhound.

  • My most impressive parenting skill:

    Boarding a plane solo with a toddler, a car seat, a jogging stroller, a suitcase, a backpack and enough snacks to provide in-flight service to the entire plane.

  • Proudest parenting moment:

    Signing the paperwork to adopt my son.

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