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Brooke White (Songstress, American Idol Survivor, Actress and all-around creative chica) and Summer Bellessa (Model, Actress, and Producer of Fabulous Things) are a new media happy ending: meeting on MySpace, being fans and supporters of each others’ work, and growing into good friends. Creating the blog The Girls With Glasses was a way they could start families, but still put something good and relevant out into the world. The girls love fashion, music, DIYs, parties, California, and most of all, being moms.   Watch them on Youtube: thegirlswithglasses Read more on their blog: thegirlswithglasses.com Follow them on Pinterest: pinterest.com/thegwgshow/ Like them on Facebook: facebook.com/thegwgshow See them on Instagram: instagram.com/thegwgshow  


Los Angeles, CA

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