Tracey Clark

Perspective — and love — changes everything.


From photography to writing to teaching to collaborating, Tracey Clark has found a way to weave all of her passions together, both online and in real life. Author of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, co-author of Expressive Photography: A Shutter Sisters Guide to Shooting From the Heart, founder of and co-founder of, Tracey loves nothing more than to share with others the insights and inspirations she’s gathered along her creative life’s journey. She’s a regular columnist at Digital Photo Magazine, a teacher many photo-centric classes both online and off and is the eldest of the 3 Disney Sisters. For more about Tracey visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @traceyclark.



Sunny Southern California



Fun Facts

  • 3 things I can’t live without:

    Since my iPhone is a given, I’d say, real milk, strong coffee and good beer.

  • My guilty pleasure:

    Eating chocolate chips straight from the bag.

  • The first thing I do when I wake up:

    Put on slippers, make coffee, and make lunches.

Posts by Tracey Clark

8 Cute Juice Glasses for Your Morning Routine
8 Cute Juice Glasses for Your Morning Routine
I have built an entire morning routine around choosing my coffee mug. Ive got a pretty large collection of different mugs all of which are unique in look, feel, and meaning. With each morning comes a new opportunity to seize the day—as they say—and I don't take that lightly. What is it that I look for in my daily mug? It all depends on my mood and what I want to be most reminded of that day. I have mugs that feature my favorite mantras (like Trust the Process and Embrace Change), mugs that are soothing colors, mugs that are playful, mugs with photos on them, mugs that are hand painted by my daughters, you get the idea. Each one brings me joy for a different reason but most of all, choosing my mug for the day keeps me mindful and grounded. I know that just by a simple choice, I can create the kind of morning I want.
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