10 After-School Crafts for Kids

I’m always trying to find fun new crafts to do with the kids when they get home from school. We are big into art over here, so crafts like watercolor bubble art is a big hit. These cookie cutter bird feeders are also so much fun to do and make great gifts. Keep their little hands busy, while having a blast with these 10 After-School Crafts for Kids…

  • Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders 1 of 10
    Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders
    Whip up some bird feeders and watch the birds come flying in.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Watercolor Bubble Art 2 of 10
    Watercolor Bubble Art
    Blow some bubbles into beautiful pictures.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Jump Ropes 3 of 10
    Jump Ropes
    You and the kids can make fun shapes out of felt for jump ropes.
    Spotted at Prudent Baby.
  • Ribbon Wands 4 of 10
    Ribbon Wands
    Pick out fun colored ribbons and make some pretty ribbon wands.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Pipe Cleaner Painting 5 of 10
    Pipe Cleaner Painting
    Have a blast making funky shapes with pipe cleaner painting.
    Check it out at Juggling with Kids.
  • Scavenger Hunt on Ice 6 of 10
    Scavenger Hunt on Ice
    Fill ice trays with toys and let it freeze while the kids are at school. When they get home you can all dig them out.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • God’s Eye 7 of 10
    God's Eye
    Let them make a God's Eye for their room.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Buggie Headbands 8 of 10
    Buggie Headbands
    Use pipe cleaners to make buggie headbands to pretend with.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Custom Crayons 9 of 10
    Custom Crayons
    Make crayons using ice cube trays.
    Spotted at Prudent Baby.
  • Build a Cardboard Doll House 10 of 10
    Build a Cardboard Doll House
    This is a fun craft they can work on for days.
    Find out more at iKat Bag.

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