10 Cutest Cross Stitch DIY’s

If you think cross stitching for your grandma’s generation, think again. There’s a whole revival in cross-stitching. Whether it’s been painted, frosted or strung thorough a welcome mat, these fabulous modern cross stitch ideas are working hard to reinvent the (embroidery) wheel!

  • Cutest Cross Stich DIY’s 1 of 11

    Love cross stitch? Check out these creative ways to incorporate the darling stitch into your home!

  • Say Hello 2 of 11

    Greet your guests with the cutest cross stitch welcome! This easy sign is created out of simple peg board, inexpensive hooks and colorful yarn.

    Learn more at Beci Orpin.

  • Cheers to Cross Stitch 3 of 11

    Give a toast to the darling cross stitch trend by decorating a plain mug. Perfect for gifts, these monogramed mugs are sweet and simple to make.

    Learn more at All Women Stalk.

  • Dressed Up Office 4 of 11

    Tired of boring office supplies? Jazz up those generic paper files/pencil holders with a cute and colorful cross stitch. 

    Learn more at Camille Styles.

  • Cross Stitch Art 5 of 11

    If you are searching for some cool DIY art, take inspiration from this awesome idea. 

    Learn more at Jessica Decker

  • Cross Stitch Chair 6 of 11

    For a creative way to update an old chair, check out this darling cross stitch tutorial! 

    Learn more at My Poppet.

  • Sweet Treat 7 of 11

    For cross stitch that looks good enough to eat, try this fun idea. Frost cookies (or brownies, or cake) in a fun cross stitch pattern, adorable and delicious!

    Learn more at Design Sponge.

  • Cross Stitch Stool 8 of 11

    This creative DIY is a beautiful way to make an unusual piece.

    Learn more at This Little Street.

  • Favorite Cross Stitch Quote 9 of 11

    Stitch a favorite saying for a cute and quirky addition to your home.

    Learn more at Jessica Decker.

  • Cross Stitch Welcome Mat 10 of 11

    Use a cheap Ikea mat and dress it up with a cute cross stitch saying, like this darling home sweet home message! 

    Learn more at Livet Hemma.

  • Get Creative 11 of 11

    There are so many adorable ways to incorporate the cross stitch into your home. Get creative, how would you add a touch of cross stitch into your space?

    Learn more at Jessica Decker.


How would you add a little cross stitch into your home?

Share your ideas in the comments! xoxo


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