10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Mamas

This Halloween dress up your bun in the oven as a bun in the oven, or perhaps a family of skeletons is more your style. Don’t feel the need to layer a clunky costume over your tummy when you can make it the center of attention. Check out these creative and cost efficient ways mamas have dolled up their baby boo in these 10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Mamas…

  • Mama & Baby Skeleton 1 of 10
    Mama & Baby Skeleton
    Learn how to make this absolutely adorable Halloween costume for mama and baby.
    Check it out at Dollar Store Crafts.
  • Time to Play Ball 2 of 10
    Time to Play Ball
    This is a great costume for the biggest basketball fan.
    Spotted at Neatorama.
  • The Solar System 3 of 10
    The Solar System
    This can be a super cute costume even if you're feeling as big as the sun.
    Spotted at Lovelyish.
  • Little Peanut 4 of 10
    Little Peanut
    Have big brother or sister be the elephant hunting for his little circus peanut.
    Find out more at Lil Sugar.
  • Magic 8-Ball 5 of 10
    Magic 8-Ball
    Wear all black, cut out a white piece of fabric to sew on and draw on an 8.
    Find out more at Flickr.
  • Bun in the Oven 6 of 10
    Bun in the Oven
    Build a cardboard oven around yourself and for your bun in the oven to poke through.
    Spotted at Thingamababy.
  • Farmer and Her Little Pumpkin 7 of 10
    Farmer and Her Little Pumpkin
    Paint your stomach to look like a pumpkin and cut a whole through a pair of overalls.
    Find out more at Howdy Hepworths.
  • Bump in the Road 8 of 10
    Bump in the Road
    Such a fun idea if you're gonna have a warm Halloween night.
    Find out more at Ellen.
  • Humpty Dumpty 9 of 10
    Humpty Dumpty
    Paint your Humpty Dumpty tummy white and use a cardboard box for the wall he is sitting on.
    Spotted at Coolest Homemade Costumes.
  • Baby Joins the Fun 10 of 10
    Baby Joins the Fun
    Glue doll arms to a shirt and add some red food coloring and a mini trick-or-treat basket.
    Find out more at Jokeroo.

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