10 Free Printable Paper Dolls

Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a little kid? I sure do. My sisters and I would spend hours cutting out our dolls and searching through magazines for cute pictures of clothes. These vintage ones have such a classic charm to them, but there are ones for the modern and stylish type of girl, too. The Dot and Roscoe paper dolls are a personal favorite because they come with the girl, her pup and a story. Introduce a little girl to the world of paper dolls with these 10 Free Printable Paper Dolls

  • Dot & Roscoe 1 of 10
    Emily Martin uses her beautiful artistic ability to create a paper doll girl and her trusty sidekick.
    Get the free printable The Black Apple.
  • Cutest Vintage Paper Dolls 2 of 10
    You'll be happy to know there's a lot more where these came from.
    Get the free printable Fin Toys.
  • So Stylish 3 of 10
    A fun way to use your paper dolls is to include them in invitations or thank you cards.
    Get the free printable Tip Junkie.
  • Looking Tip Top 4 of 10
    Kids will have so much fun dressing her up in some of the prettiest clothes.
    Get the free printable T Pettit.
  • In Honor of Brave 5 of 10
    Take Princess Merida on another grand adventure.
    Get the free printable Deviant Art.
  • 1971 Paper Dolls 6 of 10
    You can also get her daytime and evening clothes.
    Get the free printable Betsy McCall.
  • Way Back When 7 of 10
    This 1919 soldier and his girl have pages of some of the coolest old-timey clothes.
    Get the free printable The Costume Gallery.
  • Little and Big Sisters 8 of 10
    You can also get 2 more little sisters and 3 big sisters to play with.
    Get the free printable Patty Reed Designs E.
  • Summer of ’67 9 of 10
    These girls have a closet I could only dream of, and it's all free.
    Get the free printable Little Kiddles Paper Dolls.
  • Fun on the Farm 10 of 10
    Although these were originally given for Easter, these paper dolls can definitely be played with all year round.
    Get the free printable Sarah Jane Studios.
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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