10 Fun Kitchen Gadgets I’d Love to Have

I thought I’d start my Christmas “wish” list now … just to give everyone time to prepare. Just a few gadgets I can’t stop thinking about! My daughter would love these as well … she’s been helping in the kitchen lately and is in awe over cool kitchen tools (most recently the can opener). I know I don’t need any of these…..but they would be fun to have!

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  • Popsicle Maker 1 of 10
    Popsicle Maker
    How fun to make your own Popsicles with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.
    Check this out at Zoku.
  • Soda Maker 2 of 10
    Soda Maker
    Every drink would feel like a "mock"tail with this! It's easy to make soda or sparkling water with the Soda Stream.
    Visit Soda Stream USA for more information.
  • Donut Maker 3 of 10
    Donut Maker
    I'm obsessed with a mini donut factory would be like living in Willy Wonka Land.
    Nostalgia Electronics has made the cutest automatic donut maker.
  • Shark Diffuser 4 of 10
    Shark Diffuser
    I definitely need this: A shark-inspired tea infuser.
    Found via Toxel.
  • Popcorn Maker 5 of 10
    Popcorn Maker
    I could have my own party popcorn maker.....reminiscent of a fair or circus version.
    You can buy these at Sur La Table and other places.
  • Baby Bullet 6 of 10
    Baby Bullet
    Not just for baby food....I could also whip up some great salad dressings with this miniature Bullet. It's much cuter than the original version.
    Found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Pasta Maker 7 of 10
    Pasta Maker
    This might be too much work.....but it would make my kitchen look impressive. Maybe Teresa from Real Housewives NJ could give me a pasta lesson!
    Get your own pasta maker at Napa Style.
  • Tomato Press 8 of 10
    Tomato Press
    Not just for tomato sauce.....I'd use this for salsa! Plus, it's another gadget that would look really pretty on the counter to impress my house guests.
    You can find the tomato press exclusively at Napa Style.
  • OCD Cutting Board 9 of 10
    OCD Cutting Board
    This should be #1 on my list. I would cut every carrot, celery, cucumber exactly the right dimensions for my chopped salads.
    You can find the OCD Cutting Board at Uncommon Goods.
  • Indexed Cutting Board 10 of 10
    Indexed Cutting Board
    I could never have enough cutting I'll put these on my list too. I love that they get "filed" away on the counter in this neat little holder. Is it weird that I get really excited about filing?
    Find the Indexed Cutting Boards at Uncommon Goods.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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