10 Hilarious DIY Fails

It’s easy to find a photo of a project and think, I can make that. The real hard part comes when you actually have to make it. These many crafters put their skills to the test only to be greatly disappointed when something didn’t turn out quite right. See all the hilarious DIY fails right here…

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  • The Big Bang 2 of 11

    Galaxy print is in. Now this crazy bleach misunderstanding, is definitely not. 
    Find out more at Dixie DIY.

  • Yarn Balls Turned Spider Egg Nest 3 of 11

    I wouldn't want to see the giant spiders that created these crazy nests.
    Find out more at Pinstrosity.

  • Stepping Stone Mishap 4 of 11

    Contrary to belief, these failed stepping stones were definitely not made by children.
    Find out more at Craft Fail.

  • Just a Little Off 5 of 11

    Nothing that a large bucket to catch the water couldn't fix.
    Find out more at HGDIY.

  • Downton Abbey Collar Fail 6 of 11

    Not exactly what you would have in mind for a cute lace collar.
    Find out more at Madigan Made.

  • Sprinkle Catastrophe 7 of 11

    Although the sprinkles could add a fun touch, maybe you should just go for a nice pretty layer of paint.
    Find out more at She Finds.

  • Melted Mess 8 of 11

    Not exactly the pretty rainbow melted crayon board it was supposed to be.
    Find out more at Pinstrosity.

  • Ruffled Disaster 9 of 11

    The idea was there and that's what counts, right?
    Find out more at I am Momma Hear Me Roar.

  • Spiderweb Scarf of Terror 10 of 11

    Pretty sure this won't do too much for warmth or style.
    Find out more at Craft Fail.

  • Sweater Refashion 11 of 11

    Trying to refashion an oversized sweater might not be as easy as it seems. Props for recycling though.
    Find out more at Craft Fail.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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