10 Ideas for Making the Most of Family Time

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It seems that most of us are busier than ever these days. Has anyone else figured out why that is? I know for me it seems like hours meld into days meld into weeks before I even realize what’s happening. So taking some time to slow down is a priority for me in 2013. Even if it’s just an hour here or there or an evening every so often. I’m officially championing the cause of ending the rat race and spending more quality time with family and loved ones. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? In my own world, our rather nontraditional little blended family doesn’t seem to get nearly enough time together so I’ve been thinking of ways to make the most of the time we do have. These ideas are simple and inexpensive and perfect for families of all shapes and sizes. Here are my 10 ideas for making the most of family time!

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    All of the minutes and small moments count!
  • Go On a Picnic 2 of 11
    Take an afternoon to get away from it all by packing a lunch and going on a picnic! Whether it's in the backyard or at the local park, the whole family will love tossing a football around in between bites of their favorite sandwiches!
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  • Cook Dinner Together 3 of 11
    Instead of the kids camping out in front of the television while you're prepping dinner, get them involved cooking with you! Even the littlest tykes can help with things like washing veggies or putting the pepperoni on top of their own homemade pizza.
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  • Take a Hike 4 of 11
    Get lost in nature for a bit by going for a morning hike! No trails where you live? Take a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood or walk to a local library to check out a few new books!
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  • Volunteer Together 5 of 11
    Volunteering is something I want to do more of and I love the idea of making it a family thing. Check out the needs at your local food bank or soup kitchen. Or if your family is into animals, consider volunteering at a nearby animal shelter!
    Photo from Los Angeles Mission.
  • Plant a Family Garden 6 of 11
    As a kid, spending time in the garden with my mom and grandmother was a joy. The delicious fruits and veggies that resulted were such a treat! Why not get the whole family involved in tending the garden this summer? To get started, see my ideas for creating a family garden.
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  • Have a Family Game Night 7 of 11
    Pack away the electronics. Heck, turn off the television entirely. Bust out the board games or a big jigsaw puzzle and enjoy a classic family game night! Don't forget the popcorn.
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  • Craft Together 8 of 11
    Bust out the crayons, markers, glitter and glue and get crafty with the kids! They can finger paint artwork for their room, make cards to send to the grandparents or just doodle to their heart's content!
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  • Build a Fort 9 of 11
    Ahhh forts. Don't you just love them? Make a real fort in the backyard or a blanket fort in the house (my favorite) and spend hours together making shadow puppets and reading books. Bliss!
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  • Do Chores Together 10 of 11
    Yup. Chores. I know. Kids think they hate them. But done as a family with the music cranked and a joyful pep in your step, they'll get done quicker and leave you more time for hanging out!
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  • Go Canoeing 11 of 11
    Spending time in nature is one of my favorite things to do. It's restful and restorative and for kids it's downright fun! Go canoeing, rent kayaks or (if the kids are older) go on a white water rafting adventure! Their thoughts of video games will be a thing of the past.
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