10 Incredible Shared Kids Rooms

It’s hard enough designing a kiddo room for one, but try designing for two! I think it would be difficult to create a living space for multiple kiddos. At least for me. Check out these amazing shared kids rooms. They will blow your interior design mind!

  • Grow up 1 of 10
    Grow up
    This room is perfect for growing up in. You'd never have to re-do the room!
    See more here on Casa Diez.
  • Two Guys + A Little Lady 2 of 10
    Two Guys + A Little Lady
    Two boys share the majority of the room and the closet has been transformed into a little (adorable) nursery. Genius use of space!
    See more here on Apartment Therapy.
  • Colorful Boy + Girl 3 of 10
    Colorful Boy + Girl
    It's colorful and gender appropriate but goes beautifully together.
    See the details here on
  • Hanging Beds 4 of 10
    Hanging Beds
    A brilliant way to fit three or more kiddos in one space. This hanging beds DIY is perfection!
    See how they did it here on The Bumper Crop.
  • Divider 5 of 10
    This DIY divider is perfection! Totally useful and a great way to separate a space up.
    See how to make your own here on
  • Vintage + Eclectic 6 of 10
    Vintage + Eclectic
    I love how mismatched and somewhat quirky this room is. No matching beds, no "one for her and one for her" it's just awesome.
    See more here on Apartment Therapy.
  • Light + Airy 7 of 10
    Light + Airy
    Four kids in one room? this might be pushing it for most spaces but this one looks like it would work! The minimalist look allows for more beds without making it look cluttered.
    See more here on House and Home.
  • This Way + That Way 8 of 10
    This Way + That Way
    This is genius! It's like two rooms in one with one bed facing this way and one facing the other way.
    See more here on Apartment Therapy.
  • Unisex Colors 9 of 10
    Unisex Colors
    Using unisex colors can go a long way especially with a sister and brother sharing the same space.
    See more here on I Still Love You.
  • Closet room! 10 of 10
    Closet room!
    This blew my mind! They had an oddly shaped closet and transformed it into a bunk bed situation. Perfect!
    See it here on Design Sponge.

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