10 Items You Need For Hosting Last Minute Parties And Shin Digs

There is nothing better in this world than a last-minute party! Is there? With a last-minute party, there’s no time to stress over party decor, and no need to worry over invitee lists. There’s only time to boogie and/or get down. Guests seem more at ease at an impromptu party, and are generally wearing far more comfortable shoes than they would be otherwise.

Statistically speaking (I am making this up), impromptu parties happen far more often during the months of November and December. The holidays are just such a party time, and you know, with family and friends in town, you’re never further than a jar-full of marinated olives away from a rocking shin dig, is how I see it.

It is my goal to live my life as though a party could erupt at any minute, and that means I keep a few key party provisions stocked in my cupboards at all times. Would you like to know what those are?

Thought so! After the jump!

  • Jams, Jellies & Preserves 1 of 10
    Jams, Jellies & Preserves
    Jams, jellies, honey, preserves, all keep for long periods of time in the fridge and, when when set out in a dish next to cheese and some nuts, make you look dang classy, the dream of any last-minute hostess.
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  • A Kickin’ Playlist 2 of 10
    A Kickin' Playlist
    There's nothing that can't be made cooler by a really awesome playlist on your iTunes ready to go at a moment's notice.
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  • Cured Meats 3 of 10
    Cured Meats
    This photo is funny, but in all seriousness, some really nice salami will make your slightly stale Ritz crackers taste downright epicurean.
    Photo Credit Martha Stewart
  • Something Chocolatey And Sweet 4 of 10
    Something Chocolatey And Sweet
    It can be dangerous, stocking sweets in the cupboards, but the payoff is divine. Myself, I prefer to keep a stash of Chocolate Covered Joe Joes on hand. Two boxes, you know, in case I eat the first.
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  • Popcorn 5 of 10
    Oh, the humble bag of microwaved popcorn! Don't knock it--nothing says party like a big old bowl of popcorn.
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  • Nuts 6 of 10
    Nuts are great party fare, and as a bonus they look pretty displayed in a nice dish. Plus they can keep in your pantry for practically forever.
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  • Something Bubbly 7 of 10
    Something Bubbly
    My worst nightmare is having unexpected guests come and clean me of the last of my diet cola stash, so during the holidays, keep an extra case or two of your favorite poison on hand for emergencies. Champagne, Martinelli's, even some San Pellegrino. Add a little bubble and it's automatically a party!
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  • Party Napkins 8 of 10
    Party Napkins
    Don't stress the paper plates, if you have a really great stash of party napkins you can go a long way. Bonus points if they have ties on them.
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  • Marinated Olives 9 of 10
    Marinated Olives
    Not everyone loves olives, but no one can deny that olives are the international symbol of the great shin dig.
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  • Stinky Cheese 10 of 10
    Stinky Cheese
    Cheese, when properly stored, can last a month or longer. Keep a good rotation of stinky, delicious cheese wrapped nicely in the fridge if you want the bring the W-O-W factor to your last-minute gatherings.
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What party provisions do you like to keep on hand?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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