10 Must-Haves For Your Little Camper

With summer heat comes the great outdoors and my family is all about pitching up a tent and getting away to the wilderness. Yeah, there’s fits of sleep-deprived toddler tantrums and itchy bug bites they just can’t leave alone, but there’s something about climbing trees, cooking over an open fire and ending the day with s’mores that makes it all worth it. While you’re writing up your camping list for your next family trip don’t forget to include these 10 Must-Haves For Your Little Camper…

  • Roasting Sticks 1 of 10
    Roasting Sticks
    Have fun with the kids decorating their own personal roasting sticks to use over the fire.
    Get the tutorial at Mel Designs.
  • Water Bottle Holder 2 of 10
    Water Bottle Holder
    Here's an easy solution to make sure they always have their water with them when they're exploring.
    Check it out at The Long Thread.
  • Bed Roll 3 of 10
    Bed Roll
    Add some extra cushion to ensure your little camper gets a good night sleep by making a bed roll.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Camping Stool 4 of 10
    Camping Stool
    Spend an afternoon making camping stools to use in the great outdoors. After it's built, let them paint and personalize the seat cover.
    Check it out at Design Sponge.
  • Solar Powered Camping Lantern 5 of 10
    Solar Powered Camping Lantern
    Here's a safe alternative lantern the kids can charge up all day to use all night.
    Get the tutorial at Made by Cynthia Rae.
  • Sleepover Pillowcase 6 of 10
    Sleepover Pillowcase
    Keep all their nighttime necessities in one place by storing them in the sleepover pillowcase.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Warm Blanket 7 of 10
    Warm Blanket
    Even in the summer you can get stuck with some pretty cold nights, so make sure to have a few warm blankets on hand.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Sun Hat 8 of 10
    Sun Hat
    Keep baby's face from getting burned by sewing up a sun hat.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Travel Snacks 9 of 10
    Travel Snacks
    You will have some very unhappy campers if you don't remember to bring some easy to tote travel snacks on the hike.
    Find out more at Choose to Thrive.
  • Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack 10 of 10
    Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack
    Just in case the wilderness is not enough to keep them busy, bring along a toy sack filled with fun games and favorite toys.
    Check it out at Make it Perfect.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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