10 Reasons You Should Buy More School Supplies

It’s back-to-school time, and that means deals on clothes, school supplies, and more! My girls went back this week, after a few weeks of shopping deals for their first day of school outfits. Today, I finally picked up the last of the items on the teen’s list — I still needed to hit the craft store for her art supplies.

We took advantage of sales. The girls carefully budgeted their money. They crossed everything off their lists. But, I’m not finished yet!

With so many everyday products on sale, now is the perfect time to stock up for around the house, too. Next month, the prices will be even lower as the stores clearance out all their extra stock. Here are 10 great reasons to shop back-to-school sales, even if you’ve already bought everything on the list:

  • Teacher Gifts 1 of 10
    Teacher Gifts
    A few years ago, our teachers specifically requested classroom supplies for Christmas. We made them each a school supply wreath, but I am loving all the fun teacher supply ideas on Pinterest — this colored pencil vase is adorable! Buy now for holidays, teacher appreciation, and end-of-year gifts.
    Photo and tutorial via Happy Clippings
  • Cleaning Supplies 2 of 10
    Cleaning Supplies
    Back-to-school sales include hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, paper towels, tissues, and more. I was pretty surprised when these first started hitting school supply lists, but I'm content to take advantage for the home while they're at their lowest prices.
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  • Home Updates 3 of 10
    Home Updates
    With college dorm products on sale, this is the time to buy bulletin boards, lamps, and bedding. The teen has been asking for a full length mirror, so I told her to wait for these sales. She'll pay a lot less and get something really cute from Target's fun, colorful college line.
    Buy It at Target
  • Christmas Gifts 4 of 10
    Christmas Gifts
    Jeans for the whole family are always on sale for back-to-school season — at $10 each, I'll buy a pair for everyone to set aside for Christmas. I can choose something to go with them that fits their style closer to the holiday and have an inexpensive gift.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user jimmiehomeschoolmom
  • Operation Christmas Child 5 of 10
    Operation Christmas Child
    If you fill shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse, plan ahead during the season's sales. Pencils, crayons, cute erasers — they're readily available at great prices for the next few weeks.
    Learn More at Samaritan's Purse
  • Next Year’s List 6 of 10
    Next Year's List
    If you think the summer sale prices are great, just wait until school is in session. The clearance prices are even more amazing! I always grab a school supply list for the next grade up and buy the basics for later. The lists rarely change from year to year, and the September prices can't be beat.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user rebeccafeind
  • Goody Bags 7 of 10
    Goody Bags
    You'll almost always find pencils, crayons or erasers in my girls' goody bags. I buy up at back to school prices, then pass them out as needed. It's a fun and frugal way to thank guests for attending your child's party.
    Photo and cupcake theme via Good Tots for Less
  • Valentine’s Day 8 of 10
    Valentine's Day
    This is the Valentine my girls sent last year. I picked up the erasers for next to nothing. You can get all kinds of shapes and designs right now. Plus, there are dozens of pencil Valentine ideas on Pinterest. Think ahead, buy what you need, and save money in February!
  • Semester Restock 9 of 10
    Semester Restock
    We never seem to have enough paper and note cards to last the school year. Pens and pencils get lost all semester, too. Buy a few extras now to have when it's time to restock.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user kristinnador
  • Stocking Stuffers 10 of 10
    Stocking Stuffers
    Last year, Santa spent an afternoon searching for Smencils because the girls specifically requested the trendy item, but it wasn't the first time the stockings were stuffed with school supplies. Pencils, crayons, cute journals — they fit nicely in the stocking but are much easier to find now than in December.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user jamiesrabbits

If you’re still shopping for back-to-school — or just want to buy a few extras for later — I’m giving away $100 in Visa gift cards on Inexpensively!

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