10 Savvy (and Stylish!) Ways to Shop for Kids Clothing

Eliza & Daisy racing to the Mall

Shopping for boys clothing sometimes makes me wish I had girls. Or that I could convince my boys to wear hot pink skinny jeans and cute, floral tunics.

I mean, really, I have been shopping for boys clothing for over 11 years now  — it fails to inspire the way that girl’s clothing does.

Tonka trucks were replaced by Superheroes which were replaced by skateboards.


Girls clothing is vast in color and comes sprinkled with glitter and rainbows.

Real Rainbows (I think)!!

Girl clothing smells better too.

Also, I  really, really wanted to name a child Daisy or Eliza but my selfish boys have refused this request too.

Kids, heh?

So when I go shopping with my  guys for clothing,  I aim for stylishly-savvy. I think both are important. As do  Michelle Adams and Gia Russo, Directors of Content & Community at ThredUP and editors of DailyThred. Additionally, Michelle and Gia are lifestyle experts and former Martha Stewart Living editors — and they’ve graciously offered up tips on when to splurge and how to be savvy when shopping for kids clothing. [sidenote: If you’re asking, my favorite tip may or may not be the last one offered. I’m just sayin’ … ]

  • Invest in items that will be worn the most like coats, shoes and layering pieces (cardigans to go over shirts, etc.). For trendier items (like a cool t-shirt or seasonal dress) that will only be worn a few times before your child outgrows them, don’t spend a lot.
  • Jeans are a staple and sustain lots of wear and tear … if you find a quality pair that your child loves, buy two.
  • thredUP ( is a kids clothes swapping website that is a great place to inexpensively buy by the boxful. For just $5 plus shipping, get a box of clothing that is new to your family and can be mixed in with the rest of your kid’s wardrobe. thredUP is also a great way to pass along clothing that your kids have outgrown.
  • Invite-only sample sale sites like Zulily and the Mini Social can be excellent ways to save on boutique brands that you love.
  • Sometimes items go on sale quicker online than in-store. If you see an item in a store but don’t want to pay full price, keep an eye on the corresponding online store for a price drop. You can also sign up for online sale alerts on websites like and and be automatically notified when your favorite brands go on sale.
  • Vintage clothing is a well-known women’s fashion secret, but it applies to kids, too! Vintage clothing can be even better made than today’s styles and is often less expensive. Plus, there are some elaborate styles from decades past that your little ones could really get excited about. Search eBay, Etsy and flea markets for kids’ vintage finds.
  • Hit up the outlet mall to get great prices on name brands that you like. Check the website before you go for special events and coupons.
  • Don’t discount the big box stores like Target — they have great basics and designer collaborations that include kids, such as the recent Missoni for Target collection.
  • Depending on where you live, flea markets and farmers markets can be good venues to buy unique clothing items directly from the vendors at low prices.
  • Log on to your favorite blogs and websites (like Babble) often, as they can sometimes offer discount codes for brands and online boutiques.

Where do you go to save on children’s clothing? Are there some items you prefer to splurge on?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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