10 Smart Websites to Simplify Your Life

Carpool, sports, homework, housework — life is busy and often complicated. Now that the hubby is home with us, we’ll have two heads clashing as we deal with schedules, cleaning, and other household jobs in our own way.

Plus, there’s just so much to remember — passwords, grocery lists, deadlines. That’s why I love when I find a website that helps make things easier for us, from meal planning to financial planning.

We use Google calendars to sync schedules and keep track of family events, along with online tools for budgeting. And, I have several other websites we rely on to simplify our lives.

Here are my top 10 websites for a streamlined life:

  • Smart Gardener 1 of 10
    Smart Gardener
    Enter the size and shape of your garden, choose the vegetables you want to grow, and Smart Gardener will plot out your garden for you. You can even sign up for weekly emails to be reminded when it's time to plant.
    Find out more at Smart Gardener
  • Relish Relish 2 of 10
    Relish Relish
    If "What's for dinner?" is a question that baffles you every night, let someone else do the hard work. Relish Relish creates customizable weekly menus and grocery lists delivered right to your inbox.
    Find out more at Relish Relish
  • My Fridge Food 3 of 10
    My Fridge Food
    Let's face it — sometimes you're stuck trying to cobble together dinner when the cupboards are bare. That's what makes this site so genius! Check off the items you have on hand, and you'll get a list of recipes you can make without a trip to the store.
    Find out more at My Fridge Food
  • Alice 4 of 10
    There's nothing worse than running out of laundry detergent in the middle of a cleaning day. Well, maybe running out of toilet paper in the middle of, um, anything. Shopping through Alice means you get great prices, coupons, and reminders when you're low on basics! You can also schedule auto-delivery to have household items shipped regularly.
    Find out more at Alice
  • Stain Removal 101 5 of 10
    Stain Removal 101
    My youngest has been known to stain clothing on the very first wear. And since not all stains are created equal, it's nice to have a little help. This site sorts removal tips by stain and by fabric type, so you can find what you need when disaster strikes.
    Find out more at Stain Removal 101
  • Your Bank 6 of 10
    Your Bank
    I could give you a list of websites to make budgeting easier. But the truth is, staying on top of your accounts through your bank's own website can simplify your life. Track deposits, debits, pending transactions, and even pay your bills online.
  • Shoeboxed 7 of 10
    Did you know you could outsource your household paperwork? Send your receipts via scanner, smartphone, or snail mail to Shoeboxed, and they'll extract data, categorize your spending, and help get your paperwork under control. You can even snap pics of business cards and send them in for organization!
    Find out more at Shoeboxed
  • Down for Everyone or Just Me? 8 of 10
    Down for Everyone or Just Me?
    There's nothing more frustrating than having your online work (or play!) interrupted when you can't get to the websites you need. I waste a lot of time reloading, but it helps when I know it's not just me. A quick check with this website will let you know if the problem is on your end or with the entire site.
    Find out more at Down for Everyone or Just Me?
  • LastPass 9 of 10
    With the recent internet security breaches, I've been changing all my passwords ... which means I don't actually know them. With this website, there's only one password I have to remember. I login to LassPass with my super secret, very complicated password so I can copy passwords, store new ones, or auto-login to my favorite sites.
    Find out more at LastPass
  • DropBox 10 of 10
    If you are frequently sending photos, documents, and files to other computers, coworkers, or family, you need DropBox. Skip the complicated transfer process, and simply create shared folders in your storage account. As soon as you save something to your DropBox folder, it's accessible online or through any shared account.
    Find out more at DropBox

What makes your life easier?

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