10 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

10 tips for storing holiday decorations from

With the last few days of the holidays here, it’s not long from now that we’ll all be thinking about pulling down the decorations and packing everything away for next year. I don’t know about you, but I always find myself tempted to just shove it all wherever it fits so I can make the task go a little quicker. (Because undecking the halls is always a tad sad, isn’t it?) But let’s face it, broken ornaments and tangled lights won’t make trimming next year’s tree any more fun. So along the way I’ve developed my own little system for storing and organizing ornaments, baubles, garland, candles and glittery party wares to make it all easier to deal with the following year. To help get you started, I’ve rounded up 10 tips for storing holiday decorations!

  • Egg Cartons for Ornaments 1 of 10
    Egg Cartons for Ornaments
    Egg cartons are perfect for storing ornaments and special little keepsakes. Then just stack the cartons in a rubber bin or cardboard box for safe keeping!
    Photo from Apartment Therapy.
  • Lights Wrapped on Cardboard 2 of 10
    Lights Wrapped on Cardboard
    Keep lights tangle-free by wrapping each strand around a scrap piece of cardboard, then placing in a larger box.
    Photo from Martha Stewart.
  • Candles in Paper Towel Tubes 3 of 10
    Candles in Paper Towel Tubes
    Keep candles or long icicle style ornaments from breaking by wrapping them in paper and sliding each into an empty paper towel tube.
    Photo from Martha Stewart.
  • Keepsake Ornament Boxes 4 of 10
    Keepsake Ornament Boxes
    I love these ornament boxes for holding keepsake ornaments. The sturdy construction can hold up to just about anything!
    Buy them starting at $24.99 from The Container Store.
  • Laundry Hamper for Wrapping Paper 5 of 10
    Laundry Hamper for Wrapping Paper
    A basic plastic laundry hamper is perfect for holding rolls of gift wrap! You can even cover the whole thing with a garbage bag to keep it dust-free depending on where you'll be keeping it in the off-season.
    Photo from Real Simple.
  • Shoe Box for Ribbon Rolls 6 of 10
    Shoe Box for Ribbon Rolls
    No doubt you've got a few new empty shoe boxes lying around the house - use it to hold all of your ribbon by lining the rolls up on the inside.
    Photo from Real Simple.
  • Hat Boxes to Hold Wreaths 7 of 10
    Hat Boxes to Hold Wreaths
    Plain cardboard hat boxes, available at most craft stores, are perfect for holding wreaths, candle holders and holiday dinnerware!
    Photo from A Blissful Nest.
  • Store Extra Lights + Hooks 8 of 10
    Store Extra Lights + Hooks
    Keep those extra lights and packages of ornament hooks handy by tucking them all in a food storage container. A coffee can with a lid would work great, too!
    Photo from I Heart Organizing.
  • Color Coordinate with Sandwich Bags 9 of 10
    Color Coordinate with Sandwich Bags
    Sort nonbreakable ornaments by color, placing them in separate sandwich bags and then nestling in a box or rubber bin.
    Photo from I Heart Organizing.
  • Label Everything 10 of 10
    Label Everything
    Remember to label everything! Your labels can be as simple as paper taped to the lid of the box, but it will help you find things easily next year as you're unpacking and decorating!
    Photo from I Heart Organizing.


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