10 Toothbrush Holders for Kids

Toothbrush storage is an oddly big deal around here. For starters, I’m disgusted by the idea that germs can spray up to 6 feet when you flush. That’s why we have a lid down at all times rule here. I store my own toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

Then there’s the issue of my girls. They’re kind of a hot mess (they might get that from me). So, it’s no surprise at night when they can’t find a toothbrush. Why they don’t just put it away every morning, I will never understand. At least the Listerine rinse is always in the right spot.

My goal for the new school year is to find something fun and functional to help them keep it together. I want to avoid traditional toothbrush holders, because they get so gross in the bottom. Besides, the little holes aren’t big enough for a lot of toothbrushes.

Here are 10 great toothbrush holders to keep the bathroom organized:

  • Toothbrush 1 of 10
    A toothbrush toothbrush holder? My kids would get such a kick of this, and it's a great way to reuse an old toothbrush.
    Photo and tutorial via Ready Made
  • Silverware Tray 2 of 10
    Using a silverware tray to keep toothbrushes separated is such a great idea. With 3 girls, there's still room for toothpaste, rinse, and floss. Plus, it fits perfectly in a drawer, if you want to get them out of the way.
    Photo and more organization ideas via Families That Stick
  • Toothpaste Tubes 3 of 10
    I love the idea of upcycling toothpaste tubes. If it gets icky in there, we can just toss it and make a new one!
    Photo and tutorial via About.com
  • Animal Suction Cups 4 of 10
    These toothbrush holders are so adorable! They come in different animal designs and suction to the mirror or tile.
    Buy It at Container Store
  • Cabinet Shelf 5 of 10
    I really like the idea of tucking the toothbrushes away behind a door! It's fairly simple to notch out the shelf of an existing medicine cabinet.
    Photo and tutorial via Family Handyman
  • Folded Washcloth 6 of 10
    The Disney magic doesn't have to end when you get home! Use this mousekeeping trick to store toothbrushes. It's a great idea because you can just toss it in the wash and fold another one anytime!
    Photo and tutorial via Zimbio
  • The Brinse 7 of 10
    This holder is perfect for keeping toothbrushes covered, with a cup for rinsing right there where you need it.
    Buy It at Umbra
  • Magnetic Strip 8 of 10
    If you have wider handle toothbrushes, especially battery powered ones, this is a great way to store them. Just glue a magnet to your toothbrush and mount a magnetic strip to the wall!
    Photo and tutorial via Family Handyman
  • Broom Holders 9 of 10
    Here's another one that's good for wide-handled toothbrushes. Kids can quickly slip their toothbrush into a wall-mounted broom holder.
    Photo and tutorial via Frugal Home Designs
  • Glass Jars 10 of 10
    I love the look of these marmalade jars, but it could be done with any size or shape jar. I'm thinking something the girls could drink out of would be perfect — toothbrush storage and rinsing all in one spot.
    Photo and tutorial via The Blissfully Content Life

I received products from Johnson & Johnson as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Kids Cavity-Free School Year Program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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