10 Unique Holiday Storage Ideas

10 Unique Holiday Storage Ideas

I actually decorated for Christmas this year, which I haven’t done for the last few years. It was great getting into the holiday spirit and pulling ALL of my old decorations out of storage. However, now that the holidays are over, I realize there’s only one problem with decorating for the season: cleaning it up and organizing afterwards! I did a little research on the best ways to organize holiday decorations and found 10 great ideas to share. Some require a little DIY action while others are just simple household supplies repurposed. If you need holiday storage solutions, click through the slideshow to get inspired!

  • Shoebox organizer for holiday lights 1 of 10
    Put your old shoeboxes to good use and keep your Christmas lights untangled by wrapping the lights around trimmed lids and then storing them inside the box. You can put several strands together.
    See how it was done at Real Simple
  • Hose reel for holiday lights 2 of 10
    For longer or outdoor strands of holiday lights, consider using a hose reel from the hardware store to keep your lights tangle-free.
    Learn more at Live Simply By Annie
  • Store ornaments in plastic cups 3 of 10
    There's nothing worse than buying new ornaments only to have them get scratched up while sitting in storage all year. To safely store ornaments without paying a bundle, hot glue cups to cardboard and insert into clear plastic bins. These even stack!
    Find out how at Martha Stewart
  • Store ornaments in egg cartons 4 of 10
    Another option for keeping ornaments safe: Store them in used egg cartons that can be easily stacked into storage bins.
    See how it's done at Craft Gossip
  • Store wrapping paper in garment bags 5 of 10
    I have several of these cheap-y garment bags — and now I know what to do with them! Simply zip up wrapping paper in a garment bag and then hang it in the closet for out-of-the-way storage.
    See how it was done at Practically Martha
  • Gift wrap hamper 6 of 10
    Turn a regular clothing hamper into a holiday gift wrap center. Line with pockets for even more storage and to keep all of your ribbon, tape, and scissors in one place. Tuck in the closet while not in use.
    Learn more at Better Homes & Gardens
  • DIY wrapping station 7 of 10
    Use plastic office supply bins to add wall storage to your desk area. This is a great way to keep your gift tags, ribbon, tape, and other wrapping necessities organized and in one spot.
    Find out how at Better Homes & Gardens
  • Garage storage 8 of 10
    If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, installing an overhead storage system in your garage keeps decorations out of the way while keeping closet space free for things you need access to on a daily basis!
    Find the how-to at Family Handyman
  • Holiday card photo albums 9 of 10
    Rather than simply shoving old cards into a box or throwing them away, create holiday card albums that you can display on the coffee table each year.
    Find the tutorial at Close 2 My Art
  • Suitcase storage solutions 10 of 10
    Purchase old suitcases from the thrift store and paint or decoupage them with fun holiday themes. Then wrap up your ornaments and other decorations and store them inside! The hard case will protect your wares — and bonus: It doubles as a holiday decoration itself!
    Learn how at Instructables


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