10 Upcycle T-Shirt Projects for Kids

Before you toss out all those old T-shirts, check out these 10 Upcycle T-Shirt Projects for Kids to see how you can turn them into something new. Sew a sun hat they can wear all summer long, or a pair of cozy pajama pants. There is something for little boys and girls to wear using these simple tutorials.

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    10 Upcycle T-shirt Projects for Kids

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  • Striped Shorts 2 of 11

    Use an old T-shirt to make a pair of summer shorts.

    Check out the tutorial at Pretty Prudent.

  • Football Jersey 3 of 11

    Football season might be over, but you can still make the cutest football jersey. 

    Find out more at Pretty Prudent

  • 2- Minute T-Shirt Dress 4 of 11

    Use your old band T-shirts to make a dress. 

    Find out more at Pretty Prudent


  • T-Shirt Sundress 5 of 11

    Turn any T-shirt into this cute sundress.

    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Summer Hoodie 6 of 11

    Use two T-shirts to make this light hoodie.

    Get the tutorial at I Am Mamma Hear Me Roar.

  • Cutest Hat 7 of 11

    Keep the sun out with the T-shirt hat.

    Get the tutorial at At Second Street.

  • Ruffle Dress 8 of 11

    Sew the cutest and comfiest dress.

    Get the tutorial at Tidbits.

  • Cardigan 9 of 11

    Top off her outfit with a cute cardigan.

    Check it out at Caila Made.

  • Pajamas 10 of 11

    Get comfy in these cozy pajamas.

    Get the tutorial at The Sewing Rabbit.

  • Romper 11 of 11

    Make a summer romper using a T-shirt.

    Check out the tutorial at Mama Bear Says.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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