10 Upcycled Pumpkin Projects Out of Unexpected Things!

Why buy new decorations when you can make festive jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins with what you have lying around? You can use soup cans, Mason jars, soda bottles, wood scraps and much more to make your Halloween and fall crafts unique.

I found 10 great upcycled pumpkin projects you can make today … after the break.

  • Mason Jars to Pumpkins 1 of 10
    Mason Jars to Pumpkins
    Done canning? Lost all the little rings and lids? Make these cute Pumpkins with your Mason jars.
    Learn how at Make It and Love It
  • Turn old Glass Light Globes into Pumpkins 2 of 10
    Turn old Glass Light Globes into Pumpkins
    Make these antique-looking pumpkins from old light globes.
    Here's how: Hummadeedledee
  • Thread Pumpkins 3 of 10
    Thread Pumpkins
    Disguise your sewing supply addiction by making these cute thread pumpkins.
    Learn how at Mamie Jane's
  • Pumpkins from Scraps of Wood 4 of 10
    Pumpkins from Scraps of Wood
    Boards would be better if they came in the sizes you needed. Use those leftover scraps from cutting it to size ...
    Learn how at Eating My Candy
  • Book into a Pumpkin 5 of 10
    Book into a Pumpkin
    Got old paperbacks lying around? If not, make a quick thrift store or yard sale run so you can make these amazing pumpkins.
    Learn how at Craftberry Bush
  • Pot into a Pumpkin 6 of 10
    Pot into a Pumpkin
    Here's a great kids craft -- grab some terra cotta pots and make these cute jack-o-lanterns.
    Here's how: Tiger and Lily Boutique
  • Soda Bottles into Pumpkins 7 of 10
    Soda Bottles into Pumpkins
    Make these cute, illuminated pumpkins from your leftover 1- and 2-liter bottles.
    Here's how: Cassandra Likes
  • Glasses to Pumpkins 8 of 10
    Glasses to Pumpkins
    Get some cheap dollar store tumblers or rework your mismatched glasses and make these cute, lit pumpkins.
    Learn how at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe
  • Doorknob Pumpkin Patch 9 of 10
    Doorknob Pumpkin Patch
    Got some spare antique doorknobs? Pumpkinize them!
    Here's how: Under the Table and Dreaming
  • Tin Cans to Jack-o-Lanterns 10 of 10
    Tin Cans to Jack-o-Lanterns
    Put those Spaghetti-O and Chicken Noodle soup cans to good use with this fun idea.
    Learn how at Martha Stewart


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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